Mental Game training is about boosting your performance skills with one-on-one mental toughness coaching you're your personal performance psychology expert. With customized individual mental training strategies featuring proven, practical performance psychology coaching program, athletes of all ages and abilities can learn the strategies to perform consistently well in competition. Whether you are a junior athlete, performer, or seasoned professional, mental training strategies can boost your performance and give you the mental toughness skills to succeed both in practice and during competition. Through Coach Dean's personalized performance psychology coaching programs you will: Uncover behaviors and attitudes that prevent you from performing your best. Excel by mastering the mental strategies to take you to the next level! Learn peak performance routines that professional and Olympic athletes use. Learn how to practice like a pro and improve practice efficiency. Uncover secrets that elites use to reach peak performance.

Programs include: Mindset4Performance Athlete Assessment (M4PAASS) withan integrated learning styles inventory to identify mental game challenges AND how best to apply them to the individual learning style. Also included - individual comprehensive mental game plan outlining the mental areas and topics for improvement 3-month package of weekly phone, Skype, and/or in-person meetings. Weekly assignments to focus your efforts and optimize results Plus… Unlimited email correspondence directly with Coach Dean. He is there to support your success!

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Programs include assessment, comprehensive individualized game plan, flexible one-on-one sessions and unlimited email and phone support to get you from where you are to where you want to be. For details on session packages contact Coach Dean


Your one-on-one sessions with Coach Dean are flexible. Typically you meet weekly. Want to accelerate the program? Then you can meet bi-weekly. Busy schedule? Schedule your sessions bi-monthly. Whether you are traveling or live anywhere Coach Dean conducts in-person, Skype and phone meetings - no excuses. Between sessions there are both written and applied homework assigned. Training to think "tough" does not happen by reading, learning alone nor by magic. Just as with your physical preparation - your happens through application, repetition and disciplined practice. Your effort will directly reflect your progress.


Get one-on-one sessions for ongoing support and take your Mindset Program to the next level. You choose the package that fits your needs.

Your mental coach in your corner when you need him. For details on session packages and monthly retainers requirements contact Coach Dean.