Parents as well as coaches play a pivotal role in youth sports. They create the environment youth experience athletics through. We all want the best for our children. You've paid for the right equipment. You've paid for coaching. You've paid for facilities and cross-training. Isn't it time to invest in the one thing that has been determined to separate Olympic level athletes - from the MEDALISTS? It's the mental game of practice and competition. If you are the Parent-Coach, you have twice the considerations in your dual role with your youth athlete.

The program includes a comprehensive assessment of both the parent and youth athlete to examine all the key aspects contributing to peak performance on the field. Each program is designed to create, learn and practice mental skills to facilitate peak performance on the "field of play." However, many youth athletes and parents report a positive change in all areas of life - school, relationships, emotion control and more.


Programs include parent and youth athlete assessmenst, comprehensive parent-athlete game plan, flexible sessions and unlimited email and phone support to get your youth athlete the best support for optimal performance possible. For details on session packages contact Coach Dean.


Parents play a pivotal role in a child's success and fulfillment from sports. Your sessions with Coach Dean are flexible. Parents are busy and you want the best for your youth athlete. No worries. All programs are tailored to your needs.


Additional one-on-one sessions for ongoing support take the basic Mindset Program to the next level. You choose the package that fits your needs.

For details on session packages and monthly retainers requirements contact Coach Dean.