All teams are not created equal. Of course there are talent differences and coaching differences. But everyone knows of highly talented teams that underperform. There are many knowledgeable and intelligent coaches who don't have winning records. There are teams with superior records and stats that fold under pressure. There are the highly favored teams toppled by the underdog. Ultimately, it is not only how the collective team performs together it is also how the individuals work towards a common goal.

Athletic Team Programs are tailored to coaching needs, individual player needs and group needs. And it all requires a commitment to improvement. "Team building" is not an event - it is a process. Let me show you how you can have a more effective and successful team.

Does your team fight through adversity or fold?

Do you have players who step up when the spotlight is on?

Does the pressure of big competition excite your players or worry them?

Are your team members preoccupied with officiating or playing the game?

Do you or your players waste energy on emotional outbursts?

These are only a few questions to ask that define "tough minded" teams.

The work world requires peak performances just as in sports. Now Coach Dean brings the same techniques, strategies and mental toughness training elite athletes use to your company or work team with his unique program - for the Executive Athlete™.

How would you like your work team to perform at its best consistently each any every time day? Now you can. Uncover the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that are stunting your team's work performance. Create and implement strategies that address specific needs of your team. Reveal the triggers that can help your team enter the zone and stay there longer. Improve team cohesion and teamwork. Develop that winning team attitude.

Team Programs are tailored to both individual needs and group needs; and require a commitment to improvement. As with sports teams, "Team building" is not an event - it is a process. Let me show you how you can have more effective teams. Here is a partial list of issues programs address. (All programs are customized to team culture, industry environment and company needs.)

Coach Dean can be your keynote speaker at your next retreat, conference or convention. Be ready for and entertaining, educational, and often eye-opening experience. Read comments here [need link to pop up or new page].

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*Coach Dean uses proprietary sports and workplace assessments.


Programs include team assessment, comprehensive coach's and team game plan, flexible group sessions and unlimited email and phone support to get your team from where you are to where you want to be. For details on session packages contact Coach Dean.


Your team sessions with Coach Dean are flexible. Do you have packed practices, busy work demands and "no time" for extra training? No worries. All programs are tailored to team needs and are delivered in retreat, team-building atmospheres to "bite-sized" sessions the build that invincible mindset.

Training to think "tough" does not happen by reading, learning alone nor by magic. Just as with your physical preparation - your team-building happens through application, repetition and disciplined practice. Your team's effort will directly reflect the team's progress.


Additional one-on-one sessions for ongoing support take the basic Mindset Program to the next level. You choose the package that fits your needs.

Big game coming up? In-game issues? Have your tram mental coach in your corner when you need him. For details on session packages and monthly retainers requirements contact Coach Dean.